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Feel the thrill of this super cool AR Game, if you enjoyed Pokémon Go AR mobile game, you will go nuts with this awesome augmented reality new game.

If you enjoyed the Augmented Reality Pokemon Go game, you are going to love this AR Game Controller instantly. 
Buy now the latest trend in the Augmented Reality game technology!!! 
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Augmented Reality Game Controller

  • AR Game Controller is a Bluetooth game designed for iPhone and Android cellphones with a cellphone stand holder. 


    The 360° AR Games combines the real world and virtual gaming world seamlessly. Move, turn and walk around as the real world integrates with the virtual game world to make it the most realistic and enhance experience game. Enjoy the interaction between reality and virtual. 

    Play it individually, or multiplayer. 


    User friendly, just download the free APP by scanning the QR code, Google play or App Store and enjoy playing the free 30+ multi-scenarios games, indoors and outdoors. Defend yourself against creatures of other worlds, or just do some AR-Fishing, so many options! 

    Continuously updating and adding games.

    • No refund or exchange. 
    • 1 year warranty.
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